For those who enjoy a truly refreshing experience. L.A. Lights Menthol is a blend of cloves and tobacco, with a 100% natural menthol taste.

L.A. Menthol Lights

Product Description

L.A Menthol Lights is a mild, machine-rolled, filtered kretek cigarette. A deliciously fresh"100% natural menthol" flavor derived from natural mint leaf extracts adds an invigorating lift to the smooth, mild L.A Lights experience, which is created through Djarum´s Triple Blended™ manufacture process in which finely ground tobacco and cloves are mixed three times.

Launched in 1999, L.A Menthol provides a variation on the popular L.A Lights experience. Its smooth, slim sticks and pearly white packaging, accented with a mint leaf, is indicative of its modern appeal.